Today, I will answer a question asked by thousands of Canada immigration applicants depending on my observations and analysis of the current situation. What is the logic of IRCC’s* current working process?

1. There is no logic! Even the most reputable immigration lawyers with 15–20 years of experience cannot find any logic in how they work at the moment.

2. They work randomly with no systematic and no regard to procedural fairness. They just randomly process files without considering the application date.

3. They present no explanation when we ask about the current processing logic. …

What is digital transformation?

The concept of digital transformation has been visibly around for a couple of decades with a continuously increasing popularity. In this article, I will try to explain what it means and why it is so important. However, in an effort to clear the ground before proceeding with the definition of digital transformation, I would like to talk about two related concepts of “digitization” and “digitalization” which are often mistaken for each other despite each referring to different processes.

Digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital form, also known as digital enablement. Said another way, digitization takes an…

Electronic commerce has been increasingly popular and has become a must tool for the enterprises. Since the Internet had started to be used commonly by all segments of the society, electronic commerce gained a crucial significance as a practical way for people to meet their needs. The main purpose of this study is to examine the perception of and the expectations from electronic commerce by Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to evaluate the effect of the obstacles to e-commerce in the innovation processes and performance. Within this study, the impact of the innovation processes and innovation data sources in…


The topic of using behavioral nudges in various realms of public policy and administration -such as health, household savings, social services, environmental protection and energy saving — has been debated widely by many scholars, such as Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein. However, the potential to make use of similar nudges in corporate administration, especially in the field of human resources in terms of enhancing employee performance, is an issue which has not yet apparently been addressed. In our study, theoretical frameworks for both human resource management and behavioral nudges are drawn upon, and the possibility of using certain…

Together with my wife, we are on a continuous journey towards a simpler life through minimalism. In this article, we would like to share what we have learned so far through this journey but before coming to that point, let us begin with how our life was before and how we decided to simplify our life.

Our story

We were married in 2015 and used to live an ordinary life at the standards of an average Turkish family. We need to get into the details of these standards for those who are not familiar with Turkish traditions of marriage and…

Samet Kasik

Business Strategist

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