How Does Canada Immigration Destroy the Mental Health of Thousands?

Samet Kasik
3 min readSep 23, 2021


Today, I will answer a question asked by thousands of Canada immigration applicants depending on my observations and analysis of the current situation. What is the logic of IRCC’s* current working process?

1. There is no logic! Even the most reputable immigration lawyers with 15–20 years of experience cannot find any logic in how they work at the moment.

2. They work randomly with no systematic and no regard to procedural fairness. They just randomly process files without considering the application date.

3. They present no explanation when we ask about the current processing logic. We receive nothing more than generic emails telling us to be patient and wait.

4. They finalize PR applications made in 2021 in record times like 2–3 months while the applications made a lot earlier haven’t been touched for over 8 months.

5. An applicant who applied in July 2021 receives PR in September 2021 while thousands of people who applied before January 2021 are waiting with exhaustion!

6. When I called my MP’s office for support, their staff didn’t believe me that the recent PR applications are finalized in 2–3 months and told me it was a lie as it’s impossible!

7. Then, I requested the most update immigration statistics through ATIP and received a document from the IRCC confirming the PR applications made in 2021 had been finalized in 2–3 months.

8. In all communications, IRCC had presented the excuse of pandemic and capacity restrictions for the backlogs while they are finalizing 2021 applications in even 45 days! This processing speed is unprecedented! They are mocking with us!

9. The IRCC sent out an informative email on March 25, 2021, stating that Express Entry FSW applications are actively processed but there might be delays due to capacity restrictions that somehow don’t affect applications made in 2021.

10. The IRCC declared applications made from within Canada will be prioritized due to travel restrictions, but only the CEC applications that are submitted in 2021 are prioritized with no explanation and logic behind it.

11. There are several thousands of FSW and PNP applicants within Canada who have been completely ignored by the IRCC.

12. When we ask for information about our files through web forms, they lie about actively processing our files while the GCMS notes clearly show otherwise!

13. I applied in December 2020, and my file hasn’t been touched since January 2021. My GCMS notes clearly indicates no action since then.

14. The IRCC presented the covid as an excuse for everything about immigration while it couldn’t be an excuse for an early federal election!

15. Now, the IRCC says they switched all their resources for the Afghanistan crisis and haven’t been accepting any calls or web forms from the drained applicants who wish to learn about their application status. It’s been quite a while with no updates.

16. Thousands of applicants are stuck in a limbo with tonnes of stress jeopardizing their mental health, unable to make life decisions, unable to visit their home countries, some away from their families, some unable to work as their permits expired before they could apply! This is cruel!

17. The result is: IRCC doesn’t care about the wellbeing of the PR applicants. It only cares about reaching the immigration quotas and sees us merely as numbers rather than Canada’s future citizens.

Now, I have a couple of questions. Is this how Canada treats its prospective citizens? Is there anybody who believes this is acceptable? How long will the IRCC keep its position with such an absence of transparency, efficiency, and accountability? Anybody willing to answer these?

*IRCC: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Note: Let’s share our endless wait and experience with IRCC on Twitter with the hashtag #IRCCdoesntcare and make it a TT. As IRCC is starting a social media monitoring program, we may raise some awareness this way.



Samet Kasik